Steel Fabrication

Vegter Steel Fabrication is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Piping Group, Inc. The 18,000 SF facility in Morrison, IL is capable of handling steel fabrication projects up to 1000 tons.

AISC Certification:

Vegter Steel Fabrication, Morrison, IL is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction to have the personnel, organization, experience, capability, and commitment meeting the requirements of the Steel Building Structures category as set forth by the AISC Certification Program.


  • Controlled Automation fully automated beam line/drill cell/Hem saw. Our beam line is capable of handling beams up to 44” in depth and up to 500 lbs/ ft in weight. Our drill cell can simultaneously drill holes in three planes within a 24” longitudinal working range before the beam is moved.
  • Controlled Automation plate processing plasma/oxy-fuel/drill table. Our table can handle sheets up to 4” thick and 8’ x 24’ in size.
  • Geka 100 ton ironwork with automated semi-paxy table
  • Exterior 10 ton overhead crane bay encompassing a 60’ x 300’ staging area
  • Interior 10 ton overhead crane
  • Interior 2 ton jib cranes
  • Automated hydraulic in-feed and out-feed conveyors for the beam line

We utilize SDS2 automated steel detailing software to prepare our shop drawings.